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Hacking advice

If you think that one or more of your accounts has been hacked, it is important to change all your passwords as soon as possible. But before you do, make sure your security software is up to date:

Run your antivirus program

Once you’ve checked your software is up to date, manually choose to run a thorough scan of your entire computer system.

Change your passwords

When you’re sure there’s no malware on your computer, you can change your passwords. Remember that each new password should be significantly different from the previous one. Don’t forget to change your passwords with other payment-based accounts such as Amazon and credit card companies, too.

Let people know

It’s a good idea to let friends, family and others in your contacts list know you’ve been hacked so they can check whether they have been targeted too.

Change your security questions

If it’s possible that hackers have accessed your account by answering your security questions, you’ll want to change those too. And remember that 2-step authentication offers an additional layer of security.

Consider a new email account

Been hacked before? Maybe it’s time to change provider – and make sure you benefit from default encryption of your emails and solid customer service if the worst happens.

Contact your bank

If you suspect that your financial information has been stolen, call your bank straight away and ask to speak to their Fraud department. They will take you through all the steps needed to secure your account. This will usually include cancelling all of your cards and issuing new ones.

Contact credit agencies

Hackers may use your personal details to open credit accounts, so you might want to get in touch with credit reporting agencies to monitor your accounts in the months afterwards.

Get totally secure

Finally, run an antivirus scan on all connected devices. Take steps to secure any accounts you have in the Cloud as well as these may also contain your personal data.

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