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Public WiFi

Public WiFi networks are very convenient and most of us will connect our devices to them at some point.

Being aware of potential security risks when using a public network is crucial to staying safe online.

There are lots of things you can do to keep safe on public WiFi:

  • Try to use a secure WiFi connection, with a password or encryption.
  • Check the website address and padlock. Remember that even if the address looks legitimate, your browser will only show a grey or green fully locked padlock icon in the URL field if it is a secure website.
  • Disable file sharing and turn off network discovery.
  • Look for https:// at the beginning of the website address – this means that any data you share with the site will be encrypted.
  • Avoid entering personal information unless you are confident about the site.
  • Avoid accessing sites that require you to log in when using public WiFi.
  • Stick to secure connections if you want to send personal information online.
  • Wait until you are connected to your home network before downloading or installing any software, or doing online banking or shopping.
  • Turn off your WiFi when you have finished browsing so that your device doesn’t automatically connect to any unsecured networks.

You also have a couple of options for how you browse websites that are worth considering when using public WiFi.

The Internet offers us a wide range of information, but do you know how to access it safely?

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