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Remove information

While it isn’t practical or possible to remove information about you from the Internet altogether, there is a legal process that enables you to ask a search engine to remove search results provided in response to a query of your name.

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Post with caution

Being ‘forgotten’ by a search engine is not the same as deleting the source material from the internet. So always post with caution.

Removing content

Many social networks let you delete content you’ve created that you no longer want to appear online. You can also choose to close an account and delete all the content in it.

The more online accounts you sign up to, the greater the chance of your information being compromised in a hack or data breach. is a tool that gives you a list of all the online accounts you’ve signed up to, so you can delete the ones you no longer use.

Online privacy is very personal, do you know how to choose the right setting for you?

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