Secure devices

Secure devices \

Secure devices

There are a number of things you can do to protect your digital devices from a range of security threats such as theft and viruses.

Taking some practical steps such as updating your devices as quickly as possible, choosing strong passwords, locking your screen, and taking care when downloading apps can all help you to stay protected.

Security Checkup

If you have a Google Account, it’s easy to run a Security Checkup. You can see how many devices are signed into your account, inspect any security events (e.g. a sign-in from a new device), check your account verification methods, review which apps have access to your account, and check your Gmail settings.

You can also check the security of your browser and plugins by using Qualys BrowserCheck, a plugin that aims to identify and act upon any vulnerabilities.

Do you know how to protect your devices from certain security threats?

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