Sharing choices

Guarding privacy \

Sharing choices

There’s quite a lot to consider before you share a comment, video, photo or other content online.

Your digital footprint

First, think about your digital footprint. This is everything on the Internet that’s about you or connected to you: photos, videos, comments and so on.

Here are some other suggestions:

Before you share
  • Think about who will be able to see your content. Is your account public or private?
  • If it’s private, do you trust those you’re sharing it with?
  • Have you checked your privacy settings on the platform you’re using within the last year?
  • Be cautious about sharing images or videos publicly that may have negative reactions.
  • Try only to share links to information and articles that you are sure are factually correct.
  • Publish your own thoughts and views in a balanced and fair way.
  • If your social account is publicly visible, you might want to check your employer’s acceptable use policy.
  • If you are sharing publicly, consider whether you would be happy for an employer, or future employer, to see it.
  • Consider whether you’re giving out too many personal details.
Managing what you show in social networks
  • Some social networks let you create private profiles, as well as choosing what content to share and with whom.
  • Share updates to the appropriate audience.
  • Check you have consent before sharing photos, videos, etc, of other people, especially where children are concerned.
  • Think carefully before accepting friend requests from strangers. You never know who is behind a social media profile.
  • Some networks give you the option to prevent other people from tagging you, so you won’t be associated with their posts.
    • Facebook: Enter “Settings” and then “Biography and Labeling”.
    • Twitter: In “Settings and privacy”, click on “Privacy and security”, and select “Do not allow anyone to tag you in the photos”.
    • Instagram: Anyone can tag you unless you have their profiles blocked. If you are tagged by someone and don’t want to be, let the person know that you don’t want to be tagged in that photo. You can also hide these posts so they don’t appear on your profile.

Online privacy is very personal, do you know how to choose the right setting for you?

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